Marine Cyber Security Specialists

Understand the risks your vessels and crews face and how to protect against them

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Our industry insight means that you will always get the best advice

Reveal Hidden Threats

We uncover the hidden dangers that could be used to attack you

Industry Experts

Our team are experts in the cyber security and marine sectors

Peace of Mind

We bring you the security assurance you need to know that you are secure

The Neptune team are experts in shipbuilding, operations and cyber security

Combining this knowledge means that we truly understand the commercial, operational and regulatory challenges you face and how they impact on your cyber security.
As marine cyber security specialists, the services and support Neptune provides to you are based on the specific cyber security risks the sector faces.
The advice and solutions we bring you are implementable and founded in real-world insight into what’s commercially and operationally realistic for your specific needs.

Cyber security assurance specifically for the marine sector

Doesn't disrupt operations

All the work we do will never interrupt your day-to-day operations

Implementable solutions

Our advice has actionable results, with straightforward steps to make you more secure

Industry experts

Our team have real world experience of the problems you face and how to resolve them

Neptune is a dedicated marine cyber security company

  • 1

    Review and understand the risks you face

    The first step to better security is to properly understand the specific risks you face and what their consequences could be to your operations

  • 2

    Implementable steps to improve security

    We work with you to find the most appropriate solutions to ensure appropriate risk mitigation for your individual circumstances

  • 3

    Ongoing training and support to keep you secure

    Good security is an ongoing process. We work with you to ensure that there is the best plan in place for your individual future needs

We provide cyber security insight to help you make the best decisions for your specific needs

The advice and insight we bring you gives you the information you need to understand the risks you face and how best to address them

Real industry experience


Solutions that work


Bringing you peace of mind


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